Have you felt those fleeting, lasting, gripping moments where something stayed with you and refused to leave?

And then it left and you felt a void like a part of you had gone… and you yearned that something would grow back in its place…My musings here are an attempt to capture those moments before they slip away.

कुछ सुना-अनसुना, कहा-अनकहा … और इन सब के बीच जो बच जाता है, बस वही सब पाएंगे आप यहाँ…

कुछ पल यहाँ कैदी हैं और कुछ आज़ाद पंछी….

Thanks for being here, read on !

आइये चलें, कुछ कदम साथ साथ …


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